Quick Overview

Train with the best from the comfort of your home. Featuring celebrity, guest, and Echelon instructors, you can count on expert coaching and dynamic motivation for every fitness level.

From heart-pounding, high-intensity workouts, to calming yoga and everything in between, there’s a class for every fitness level and workout preference.

Monitor and sync your performance with fitness apps like Apple Health to challenge yourself and climb the Leaderboard.

Increase motivation and have fun while you’re at it. Join a community of people built on camaraderie and a shared passion for sweating toward their goals.


SPD-Compatible Pedals: Designed to work with any shoe. Strap-in with sneakers or clip-in with cycling cleats.

Seat-Mounted Dumbbell Rack: Incorporate strength-training and cross-training into your ride at any time with easy-to-reach weights

Compact Portability: Functional design and built-in front wheels make connect bikes easy to move and store.

Performance Seat: Designed to comfortably amplify your RPMs and adjust to any height.

Ergonomic Handlebars: A comfortable grip for a comfortable ride.