Fluid Power Zone Press

Quick Overview

The FDF FluidPowerPRESS is an industrial quality, concentric action Squat
to Overhead press machine. The resistance is provided by the unique semi
isokinetic properties of our 10 levels of Adjustable Fluid Resistance provided
by our patented Twin Tank system.

The PRESS enables you to explode with high loads at high speeds, without
having to deal with the eccentric loading unavoidable with most traditional
forms of resistance exercise. This built in safety feature allows both the
athlete competing for peak power and the deconditioned first time participant
to achieve their fitness and strength goals without intimidation or injury.

The tapered shoulder pads, ergonomic hand rails and counter balanced press
arm mean all exercisers can find a comfortable, secure training position
without the need to make time consuming adjustments.
The FluidPowerPRESS is a perfect inclusion for any type of fitness
facility as a stand-alone machine or in combination with one or all of the
FluidPowerZone machines; ROW, UBE, ERG, CLIMB and CUBE.


  • FLUID RESISTANCE: Vertical FDF Twin Tank – 10 levels
  • MONITOR: FDF / Heart Rate Compatible
  • PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 104.2kg (229.72lb)
  • PRODUCT GROSS WEIGHT: 124.70kg (274.91lb)
  • DIMENSIONS: L 1,710mm (57.1”) x W 830mm (32.7”) x H 2,450mm (96.5”)
  • MIN ACTIVE AREA REQUIRED: L 2,150mm (84.6”) x W 1,600mm (63”)
  • MAX USER WEIGHT: 180kg (396.8lb)
  • VERTICAL SPACE: H 2,480mm (97.6”) at full extension
    PRESS ARM WEIGHT: 6kg / 13.2lb