Solo Bike

Quick Overview

Adding a new level of motivation, Stages Solo is designed for the rider who wants the exhilarating cycling experience of the studio but in a personalized, single-rider environment.

Stages Solo gets to know each logged in rider, adjusting workout difficulty based on their unique level. Riders see measured improvement and track progress from their account, earning badges along the way.

training, riders can track progress by choosing to log in for a performance-driven workout that’s personalized to their fitness level. Solo provides achievement based interval workouts with instant feedback and gratification as riders rack up points while they ride.

  • The magnetic brake arm and CarbonGlyde drive system are maintenance-free.
  • Stages Power meter auto zero resets to ensure the most accurate power data.
  • The Solo software auto-updates and new rides are delivered wirelessly during evening hours.
  • Entertainment and ride content is stored locally, so there are no large bandwidth requirements.